Morro Agudo Site


Morro Agudo Site




January 25, 2023



The history of this site is a legacy of three generations. It all started in 1975, when their grandfather brought the farm to life with a dream and a deep love for the land. He passed his knowledge and passion on to his father, who continued the tradition, improving it over the years.


Now, as the third generation, they work alongside their father, keeping the heritage of care, quality and respect for nature alive. Each product grown carries with it the story of its roots and the family's ongoing commitment to producing exceptional specialty vegetables.


Developing a website for Sítio Morro Agudo was an inspiring challenge for the Digicriativa team. It was necessary to convey the entire essence and uniqueness of this agricultural enterprise, providing a digital experience that reflected the beauty and authenticity of the countryside.


Our mission was to create a platform that not only showcases the site's products, but also tells its story, its values and its commitment to quality and innovation. Each element of the site was carefully planned to convey the welcoming atmosphere and natural richness of Sítio Morro Agudo, providing an engaging journey for visitors.


Furthermore, the social media work for Sítio Morro Agudo was an opportunity to connect the brand with its target audience in an authentic and relevant way. Through personalized strategies, we highlight product quality, share growing tips and healthy recipes, and encourage community engagement around the love of agriculture.

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