January 25, 2023



A pioneer in combining mountaineering techniques, the company ended up creating the concept of “Technical Service at Height”, which encompasses highly specialized work, carried out following extremely strict techniques and standards, always putting safety at the forefront.

This concept involves the selection, hiring and training of professionals to carry out services in buildings, constructions, chimneys, slopes and countless other difficult-to-access locations, adding rope access techniques to equipment specially developed for professional and industrial use.


Sarago is a courageous company that literally reaches impressive heights in its services. The mission was clear: to convey all the emotion and professionalism of the company through digital marketing and the website.


Our first task was to understand the essence of Sarago and capture her fearless personality. We wanted the public to feel excited and confident when contacting the company.


On the website, we focus on creating an impactful visual experience. We used breathtaking images that showed services carried out in challenging places. We wanted people to feel the adrenaline and excellence that Sarago provides in each project.


In digital marketing, we focus on bold strategies. We created campaigns that conveyed the feeling of overcoming limits and achieving great things. We use short, engaging videos to showcase Sarago’s work and awaken the public’s curiosity.


A presence on social media was essential for us to connect with the public. We create dynamic and inspiring content, sharing stories of challenges overcome and testimonials from satisfied customers. We wanted people to see Sarago as a reference in the market.

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